Andrea Lambert

I’m a Christian, a Spiritual Life Coach, an Educator, a Health Coach, a Massage Therapist, an Executive Functioning Skills Coach, and an Academic Tutor.

I love helping people connect on a Spiritual heart level with life and goals, learn the necessary skills to reach goals successfully and efficiently, and create the vision and desire to explore life!

Stop Making Disease Now!


My Healing Journey


My journey into the healing world began just before my 30th birthday. While I’d experienced health imbalances before then, it wasn’t until May of 1999 that my first dramatic and traumatic experience happened. Prior to this I’d had a health imbalance with my hormones, discovered that I had virtually zero progesterone and that extreme amounts of exercise supported balance and well-being. I had done well for over a decade until I moved to another state and got a full-time job. I was unable to exercise enough and symptoms returned.

At this point, I made the time to exercise more by challenging myself with triathlons and extreme hiking. I also needed to get a new progesterone prescription so I visited my current insurance-approved doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor laughed at me instead of taking a blood test to see for herself that I had virtually zero progesterone. She said that the studies showed that progesterone doesn’t do anything. Although very confused, I trusted this doctor and began using the prescription according to her new diagnosis, based on symptoms only. She’d decided that I needed antidepressants.

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A Major Solution to My Health Imbalance……


Andrea Lambert is one of Arizona’s preeminent raw vegan chefs, teachers, instructors, and coaches. She began her journey with live plant-based foods in April of 2007 to heal a painful illness that puzzled half a dozen specialized allopathic doctors. A few months later, in no more pain and off all medication, she trained as a raw vegan chef, instructor, and teacher, and has been holding monthly classes ever since.

“It wasn’t until I was in the thick of my third serious illness, and this one was THE most painful, that it became clear I had to do something radically different to heal myself!”

Andrea is certified through the Creative Health Institute and is an Alissa Cohen Certified Live Food Chef, Instructor and Teacher. She offers Live Food Chef and Instructor certification classes, plant-based food preparation classes, and is available for health consultations, health coaching, training, and demonstrations in your home for friends and family. Also available for one-on-one Optimal Health coaching for your overall health and well-being including exercise, relaxation techniques, massage therapy, aromatherapy, meditation, Korean Breath yoga, and balancing plant-based lifestyle.

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